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The 2020 Crisis Has Created a Massive Opportunity That Occurs Only Once Every 80 Years ― Give Me 3-Days and I’ll Show You How To Exploit It For MORE Profit, MORE Peace of Mind, and MORE Freedom Than Ever Before

The Industrial, Technological, and Information Revolutions Have Forever Changed Our World. But The Recent Pandemic Has Forcibly Precipitated The Next One: Enter The Knowledge Revolution.

However, Only a Handful of Smart Individuals Will Be Able to Take Advantage of This Massive Change Taking Place Right now. In an Upcoming 3-Day Class, I’ll Show You How To Pivot Your Business To Take Advantage of This Worldwide Revolution, And I’ll Give You Actionable Strategies You Can (And Must) Implement Right Now.




June 25 - June 27, 2020

or Streaming Online (Your Choice)

From the desk of Ed Rush...

I believe this time is the single greatest opportunity the world has ever seen.

How about that as a way to start this letter? I mean, let’s face it, the world is a scary place on so many levels right now. I know that sounds like bad news...and for most people it is. But for you, it also means you that the world is also (finally) awake and ready to hear from you.

The really good news is...

The global “pandemic” has completely shifted business and opened new doors that you can walk through RIGHT now for more profit, productivity, and peace of mind.

Which brings me to you…

You have a message, a vision, a product, or a service that’s going to rock the world. And the really great news is...

NOW is The Time to Rapidly Pivot and Finally Make That Happen.

And I’d like to show you how.

That’s why I am hosting a Small, Limited-Size event called The Big Pivot. It’s 3-action-packed days designed to show you how to completely reinvent your business and your life.

You will leave with the tools and the plan to dominate the “new normal.” And you will look back 5 years from now with a huge smile on your face.

Hi my name is Ed Rush. I am a 5-time #1 best selling author and former F-18 fighter pilot. Flying supersonic jets in combat taught me the importance of two things: agility and speed. Those two principles are the only reason my business is thriving right now (not just surviving).

So if you...

Know you were made for more

Feel stuck in your business (or life) with no way to get out

Have been successful, but want to see results on a global scale

Hate bureaucracy / red tape and think people running the country are stealing from you

Have climbed the ladder of success, then asked yourself, “is this it?”

Realize you have the skill and makeup to change the world

And you want to use your gifts for something big

THEN this is the event for you.

That’s because together we’re going to get very clear on your mission, then I’m going to show you how to rapidly pivot so you can have the income, impact, and freedom you’ve always wanted.

So let’s get started. First, let’s discuss...

The Predictable Crisis That Took The World By Surprise

The first thing you need to know is that the Crisis that just hit the world was 100% predictable. In fact, you could have set your watch by it. 

That’s because every 80 years, the world completely reinvents itself. 

  • Every 80 years, the world closes the door on old business models.
  • And every 80 years, the world opens the door for new ones.

In other words, every 80 years the world rapidly accelerates its evolution leaving dumb, slow, old businesses behind making way for smart, fast, and agile businesses.


Let’s take a look back and see...

In 1780, the world turned upside down. The American Revolution was well underway and the French revolution was brewing. If you had a business selling British tea in 1776 in Boston, your business was about to disappear. But if you were selling coffee, well the world was about to make your life a lot of fun.

Fast forward 80 years…

In 1860, the American Civil War was underway, the Brits were fighting in colonial New Zealand, and Darwin had just finished The Origin of the Species. The world was back into the business of turning itself upside down. If you had a plantation in Alabama in 1860, your business was about to disappear. But if you had a young steel plant in New York, the world was about to make you very rich.

Let’s take a look back and see...

In 1940, the entire World went to War. Within 5 years, a “new normal” landed with redefined map lines and solidified Cold-war trading partners. If you owned a print newspaper company in 1940s Poland, your business was about to disappear. But if you built family housing or shopping malls in the United States, the world was about to give you millions.

Fast forward 80 years…and’s 2020.

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that this “pandemic” should not have come as a surprise. The world is simply doing what it does every 80 years. It exhales while rapidly accelerating change, closing old doors, and opening new ones.


Revolution, war, pandemic.

The reason is different. The result is the same.

So just face it: your business (and your life) will never be the same.

The faster you come to grips with the fact, the faster you can get on to the good stuff because believe you me, there is a lot of good coming for you as long as you move fast.

In fact, whether that “new normal” is good or bad for you depends on what you do in the next 3-6 months. Billionaires will be made from this global crisis while other businesses will quickly bankrupt and disappear.

The result is 100% up to YOU. That’s because you choose what side of the cash register you stand on.

And that’s also why this upcoming LIVE event is so important.

Give Me 3 Days and I'll Show You a Proven System to Take Advantage of a Rare Window of Opportunity To Turn Your Business Around ― And Do Even Better Than Before The Lockdown!

Together, we’re going to reinvent your business so that you adjust fast, grow exponentially, and accelerate into massive financial success.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I am doing this event once. That’s it.

After that, I am going to be quickly implementing all of these strategies in my business too. In other words, I am going to be practicing what I am preaching.

And have no fear! When you attend live, we’re going to take every precaution including social distancing, regular cleaning, and a strict room sanitizing regime to make sure you get everything you need to rock the next 5 years. This information is far too important to miss and you want to consume it all in a live, immersive environment.

You can also attend virtually, so we have you covered either way.

Here's EVERYTHING You're Going To Get

So, Let Me Show You What We’re Going to Cover in Fast-Paced, Interactive, Immersive 3 Days.

Module #1

Re-Inventing to Your Purpose

Every business quickly “Reinvented to Revenue” 2 months ago when the lockdown started. Frankly, that was a mistake. That should have been Step #2. That’s because massive, global shifts like this offer a unique opportunity for you to “Re-Invent to Purpose.”

Come on, let’s face it. You’ve been a bit frustrated these last few years, haven’t you? That’s because YOU KNOW you were made for more. You’ve known for years that there is something even bigger that’s burning inside of you.

Well, guess what?

I know it seems strange but NOW happens to be the perfect time for Re-Invention. That’s why the very first thing we’re going to do together on Day #1 of The BIG Pivot is getting 100%, uber, crystal clear on your big WHAT. That’s the one thing that you’ve been dying to do your whole like, but maybe never had the courage to pull it off.

Your “Big What” could be a variation or Re-Invention of your current business or it could be a new or additional revenue stream. Or, it could be a completely different direction or personal mission.

In this module, you will…

  • Execute a super-powerful personal exercise that’s designed to get you completely unstuck. This simple exercise has created multi-millionaires. Once you learn it, you can do it whenever you want to create massive breakthroughs or personal shifts.

  • Learn the 3 best strategies to accelerate your dreams, goals, and mission. That way you can change the world faster (and with a lot less heartache).

  • BONUS: You’ll also learn my (thus far closely held) technique called “Heavy Bat Dreaming” which instantly makes near-impossible dreams possible.

Module #2

Dominating The New “Expert Economy”

A little history of information...

In the 60s, people got their information from one man: Walter Cronkite. His hold on information was so pervasive that President Johnson himself once said “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

In the 70s and 80s, Americans learned what was “true” from ABC (Peter Jennings), NBC (Tom Brokaw), or CBS (Dan Rather). If it didn’t exist on “The Nightly News” it didn’t exist. Period

Then in 1991, the Persian Gulf war catapulted a little cable news network called CNN to center stage with a totally new concept: 24-Hour News. Quickly thereafter the field was crowded with Fox, MSNBC, and others vying for your time and attention.

The quick result was polarization and tribalization (along with the inevitable mass confusion) of America. Now add to that an innumerable number of online “news” outlets and the field became divided while America became unstable and confused.

So what did the country do?
They each chose their own Walter Cronkite.
To make sense of the confusion, Americans simply turned their attention to their favorite “expert.”
For the last 2 years, most Americans have preferred to hear from people like Kim Kardashian or Ben Shapiro more than CNN or Fox.

Which brings me to you...

The sands are shifting again.
Everything just changed...again.
The world is looking for Walter Cronkite again, but instead of the cultural elite with millions of fans…
The world is looking for someone AUTHENTIC.
The world is looking for TRUTH.

The world is looking for YOU.

The door literally just opened for authors, experts, speakers, product creators, and thought leaders like you to share their message, grow a following, and change the world.
The country just got a jolt of FAKE and people now have a passionate desire for REAL.

Listen, COVID just reset the world.
And it 100% changed the online space.
Much like the Gulf War did for cable news, this “pandemic” just opened a window for you to share your message (and finally be heard).

To put it another way…

The industrial revolution led to the information revolution that led to the “gig” economy that opened the door for the New Expert Economy.

So pay very close attention to what I am about to say…

Right this very moment...people are looking for you, your experience, your story, and your solution.

Will they find you?
If the answer to that question is “no” or “maybe,” let me give you a little kick in the pants: YOU have about 3 months (6 months max) to get your butt in front of them.

If you don’t, you will miss what I consider to be the single greatest opportunity of our lifetime.

And if you do, you will have a following that will pay you well for a long, long time.

As for me, I am doubling down.
I will NOT miss this opportunity.
I suggest you join me.

  • You will leave this module with 100% certainty on how to target, attract, and monetize your market. No more guessing. No more random social media posts. No more uncoordinated marketing messages. Imagine being able to easily and quickly find your market and then get them excited to pay you. Powerful.

  • I’ll also show you how to find your authentic voice while you connect with your ideal market. Listen, the best you just happens to be...YOU! The raw, authentic, and real you. Problem is...your marketing has, frankly, failed to capture the true nature of your awesomeness. Those days are now over.

  • Honestly, what would it be like to finally have a plan? A real step-by-step plan for world domination (literally or figuratively). You will.

Module #3

ReBuilding for Speed and Agility

Ok, first the good news.
The pandemic is over.
So is the lockdown.
I know some States are holding the line, but even so, it’s basically done.

The bad news is that this is just the beginning of a 5-year global adjustment that’s going to cause some massive financial waves.

I could cite a thousand reasons why including the national debt, global debt, overpriced markets, suppressed commodity rates, and 10+ “bubbles” including housing, student loans, and business loans.

It’s basically 1929 all over again, but with the fun addition of internet “news” outlets and CNN screaming “Be Afraid!” for 5 more years.

I know this all sounds pretty doom and gloom, but it’s the way it is. You can ignore this and get crushed by the wave. Or you can build your business for speed and agility and RIDE the wave.

Your call.

So let me be as blunt as I can. You are going to have to make about a million micro-adjustments over the next 5 years. If you’re slow or it takes your business six conference calls to make a decision, you’re going to struggle and probably fold. But, if you build your business for speed and agility, you’re going to make loads and loads of money and you’re going to make a name for yourself.

In June, I am going to show you how to build for speed...the fighter pilot way.

  • Discover my “fighter pilot” approach to planning and executing each day. What would it feel like to end each day with a huge smile on your face and the sense that you accomplished a lot with very little effort? The truth is most entrepreneurs end each day frustrated at how little they have accomplished. NOT you. I am going to show you how to get a lot done with a lot of peace...and then I am going to show you how to lead a team that does the same.

  • I’ll also show you how adding team members (the wrong way) can actually lead to more work for you. Watch as I show you how to Build the Perfect Team - one that is fast, flexible, and (important) one that doesn’t eat up all of your time.

Module #4

Activating The 20% Customer Filter

I want you to imagine your best customers. You know...those people who pay you month after month, who send you thank you notes, and whose emails you LOVE opening because you know they have good news in them.

Now I want you to imagine about 1,000 more just like them.

Now, I want you to smile because this is the “new normal” for businesses who adjust properly in the next 3-6 months. In other words, the businesses that thrive are going to be the ones who focus on their Ideal Customers and attract them in droves.

In June, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and define (down to the smallest detail) who your best customer is. Then together we’re going to build a business plan to attract only them and repel everyone else.

The result is that you’re going to make a lot more money serving customers you love, while simultaneously working a lot less.

  • Shocking (but true) Fact: you don’t need NEW customers. You need RIGHT customers. NEW customers are cheap and take up all of your time and energy. RIGHT customers pay 10x more than NEW customers and take up 1/10th of the time and energy. On day #2 of The BIG Pivot, I’ll take you through a powerful exercise that finds and attracts RIGHT customers. Imagine you’re a magnet and your customers are steel and you get the point. Plus, you’ll be able to use these simple 6 questions for the next 5 years as they launch you to 7- and maybe 8-figures.

  • This module is all about ATTRACTING while REPELLING. In the old world (you know...2 months ago), you could just blast out a marketing message and drag in any old customers. Not anymore. The truth is you’re going to need to change the way you communicate and that means sending the wrong people packing before they get stuck in your funnel (and in your life). You will leave this module with the PLAN as well as the PROOF to execute this flawlessly.

Module #5

Going Wide is Out. Going Deep Is In.

“Spray and Pray” is dead. “Back in the day” (2 months ago) you could create a video, launch an ad, or start a campaign and basically send it to every available platform simultaneously.

Those days are over.

The businesses that crush the “new normal” will be the ones that do less advertising, less marketing, and less promoting across the internet and do MORE in ONE place.

  • The days of Macro-Targeting are over.
  • So are the days of Micro-Targeting.
  • Welcome to the new days of Nano-Targeting.

Your job is to identify your market to such a deep degree that when you communicate with them on their preferred platform they feel like they know you so intimately that they invite you to their daughter’s wedding.

By the time we’re done in June, you’ll leave with a “Nano-Targeted” plan to go deep, to find your market, and connect with them so tightly that they will stay, pay, refer, and never leave.

  • Imagine how much easier your life is going to be when all you have to do is focus on ONE social media platform?

  • Seriously, did you catch that? ONE social media platform. Now each business is different which is why I am going to show you how to ask 2 simple questions about your market to know with 100% certainty where your market is so you can find them and monetize them.

  • You’re going to leave this event with my 3-Step Formula for making more money with less customers. Super simple. Listen, in my business, the top 1% of all customers make up 64% of my revenue. That should make you pause for a minute. 64%!! Just show up and let me show you how to do this so you can make more money with less (way less) stress.

Module #6

Work Less. Make More.

Just two months ago, we entered a time warp that won’t let up until 2025. In this time warp, the rules turned upside down.

For example, it used to be that money followed work. If you worked hard, you made money. If you worked harder, you made more money.

That all just flipped.
The poles changed.
The world turned upside down.

So...unlike the old days (you know...2019 and before), money is now moving to agile entrepreneurs who work just as much as they need to...and, not a minute more.

That means you’re entering a new era where you can take weekends off without checking email and come back faster and stronger than if you worked through the weekend. You’re entering an era where you can take a week off and come back with more money than you left.

In June, I’ll show you how to set up your life (and your team) to facilitate you working less while making more.

  • Go ahead and picture in your mind the things you hate the most about your business. Just do it. Ok, now imagine they are all gone. Poof. Disappeared. That’s what’s going to happen for you at this event. Imagine the kind of freedom you’re going to have when the things that you dislike in your business are gone.

  • I know you probably just came up with 10 excuses as to why this strategy won't work for you. That’s just your pre-pandemic self talking. Don’t forget about the time warp that just happened. Don’t forget about the rules that just changed. Don’t forget that all of this just became possible. On Day #3 of the event, you’ll get my favorite exercise of all time called “Kill 3 Things.” I know the title sounds drastic. It is. That said it’s worth it since the result is more speed, more freedom and more peace. Your spouse will thank me. Promise.

Module #7

Getting Paid For Who You Are, Not What You Do

There are 3 ways to get paid…

  1. Get paid for what you do - like 96% of the world
  2. Get paid for what you know - like 3.9% of the world
  3. Get paid for who you ARE - like the top .1%

The great news is that when you move from #1 to #3, you get paid exponentially more while working a lot less.

The business owners that adjust to getting paid for who they are will come out of The BIG Pivot (aka the next 5 years) as billionaires. They will be known around the world and will have the leverage to be able to do good for millions of people.

Sounds like you, right?

The key is how you leverage the new “expert economy” (see above). In this event, I will show you how.




I am a former F-18 Top Gun fighter pilot who left the service back in 2006 to spend more time with my family. Since then, I have launched and sold several businesses and created a 7-figure average yearly income sharing what I know. At one point last year, I was Amazon’s #1 Business Author.

I was also one of the first business coaches in the world to successfully make “The BIG Pivot” so I am uniquely qualified to show you how to create more profit with less work.

Which brings me to you...

I am going to share it all with you. Every strategy, tip, tactic, presentation, slide deck, form, agreement, script. I am going to show you what’s working NOW and what’s working NEXT. You get it all as a part of this very exclusive event.




Jonathan Sprinkles is the author of 13 books (including two international bestsellers), a TV personality, celebrity business coach, and award-winning keynote speaker. He is the founder of The Connection Lab, an award-winning company that is on a mission to help people live bigger and lead better through the power of human connection.

Jonathan gets it. He knows the difference between what looks good on paper and what really works in the real world. He brings best practices from his career as a tech salesman and his 20 years of leadership experience as an entrepreneur.

Jonathan has a gift for connecting with any audience, relating to them on a personal level, and inspiring them to bring out the best in themselves and the people around them.




Marquetta Breslin is the author of life-changing books. In Million Dollar Stylist,® Marquetta teaches beauty professionals from around the world how to build a successful business, gain the freedom they deserve, and live life on their own terms.

She is also my GO-TO expert on social media. Listen, when I need an answer about social, I go to Marquetta. That's because she's made millions of dollars from her social media platform.

And she's coming to BIG Pivot to help you dominate on social.

Live Event Safety Precautions

I want you to attend the event with 100% confidence in your safety and security. That’s why we completely re-invented the live event experience giving you your own 6’ space, separated seating spaces, all in a fully sanitized environment.


Several times a day every part of the event room will be completely cleaned and sanitized for your safety and comfort. We’re going to abide fully with Texas state and Dallas local regulations to make sure that this rocks for you.


Just wanted to let you know.

Hear from Previous Event Attendees

Our attendees come from all walks of life, from countries around the world, and have every kind of business imaginable. The ONE thing they do have in common is a desire to share their message and help more people. of the reasons to come to an event like this is to connect with other like-minded business owners. Deals get made at these events. Big deals. So, if you’re abundance-minded, this is your place.

“When I look back over the more than 15 live events I attended during 2017, hands down, attending Ed Rush’s 3-day Ultimate Breakthrough provided me the highest value and return on investment. I walked away with great ideas about how to make both me and my business better, and translates to my better supporting my clients.


Ed packs a lot of learning into 3-days. He combines significant business experience with his stellar military experience to deliver targeted ways entrepreneurs can help grow our businesses. He taught completely different perspectives in areas that I am very familiar with. I had a number of “Aha Insight” moments and took lots of notes. I immediately began identifying areas of my business that I can improve, and began making changes. In recent conversations with clients, I have used some of his teachings to better describe areas that I cover and found that clients understand what I am discussing faster and clearer.


If you are an entrepreneur who provides information products and services to customers, and looking for ways to make 2018 your best year ever, you need to spend 3 days listening and learning from Ed Rush. I know I will be there again, and convinced that I will pick up a number of new things from Ed to help me and my business be better! I hope to see you there."

Jim Butz

Tremendous Value!!!

"It all started with Ed’s Ultimate Breakthrough event, after getting such tremendous value from that event. I made a very smart decision to raise the bar in my business and become one of Ed’s clients. The value I have received so far in just a few weeks has been extraordinary. Not only has the direction of how I run my business become laser focused, as someone who takes action and moves fast anyways, I am moving at a Mach 1 pace. I should not be surprised since Ed is a former Top Gun Pilot.


Ed is a master communicator, marketer  and is beyond efficient and is helping me so many ways. I have accomplished  more and am effective in running my business.


I feel very fortunate to have trusted my gut and made the wise business decision to work with Ed."

Rob Actis

I Found My WHY!

“After working with Ed one-on-one and attending his Ultimate Breakthrough Events, I found my WHY, and found myself speaking to many high-powered groups, with over 100 in the audience. I’m not even selling, yet people are coming to the ‘back of the room’ wanting to do business with me – just because I’m using language he told me to use. I’ve had massive breakthroughs, personally and in business. But most importantly, Ed is about taking action. You’ll leave with an action plan (not just ideas) to multiply your profits. No one else delivers an action plan. Do it! You’ll be blown away.”

Francine Tone

"Ed Rush's very cool Ultimate Breakthrough Event elegantly combines prayer with cutting edge business strategies and remarkable people. One of a kind and quite extraordinary!"

Jim House


Event Dates & Time

June 25th - June 27th

LIVE in Dallas, TX or

Streaming Live at 9:00am CST each day


Dallas, TX
Streaming Online


Dream! During the event, you're going to find a gear you never know you had. Get ready to learn and implement. This will work for you, when you use it!

Listen, just ONE new client, product sale, or deal pays for your entire event (and then some)! You’ll get to meet and get to know some of the best entrepreneurs on the planet. So while the rest of your competition is sitting at home watching re-runs of The Jersey Shore, you’ll be making connections that can change your life and business.


You get access to a membership site with recordings from the entire event along with all the downloadable exercises, forms, and more. That way, you can come back over and over again when you need it.

Your own personal big pivot journal

(My Team Will Personally Send You a Manual Via Priority Mail When You Enroll)

You will FILL this journal with notes, insights, and action items. Forget random yellow pads of paper that get lost and thrown away. This journal will be your record for years to come of the MASSIVE breakthroughs and ideas you received at this event.

BIG Pivot Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

Each exercise is specifically designed to get you to your purpose and make more money faster. You’ll unveil your “Big Why”, better understand and connect to your ideal customers, plan your business more successfully, and eliminate the major things that are slowing you down (and eating up your time).

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush LIVE

Because this is an intimate online training event, you’ll get to share your ideas LIVE and get real-time coaching and feedback on your implementation steps. Huge breakthroughs come in these sessions...and you’ll learn a LOT from other attendees in the focus sessions as well.

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

Listen, if all we did was schedule a few days just for you to get to know the other attendees, it will have been worth it. You’ll meet new people who can help you get more done, in less time, with less waste. Business deals get made here. New partnerships are forged. You may even meet someone who can help you in a strategic area of your business. This is be sure to plan to be there the entire time and use the breaks and evening sessions for maximum result.

Join Ed Rush for Destiny-Changing Days!

Letter from Ed

So now it’s decision time.

Right now you have three choices.

1. Option #1: Pass up on this opportunity.

Perhaps you’re hoping that it will come again (it won’t, at least not for another 80 years, which is why it’s truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity). But that’s fine. You’re going to keep doing what you’re doing, dreaming that one day you’re able to stop struggling and start living the life you were meant to live, always wondering “what if."

2. Option #2: Go back and “think about it.”

Perhaps you think it’s best to just wait it out and sit on the sidelines for now to watch the massive storm that’s about to hit the marketplace and take action later. (It already started and soon it will be too late, so the time is now.) This is your chance, and perhaps your only chance, to make a decision that can forever change your business, your world, your life.

3. Option: Put your business (and future) in Afterburner and grab this opportunity NOW.

You’re going to join me and learn the skills, the steps, and the actionable strategies that you can start implementing to make a massive change in your life (in fact, you’re going to implement some right there on the spot with me). You’re going to make the BIG Pivot, right there along with me and a very small, restricted group of just 100 people. No more.

The choice is clear.

The choice is yours.

The choice is NOW.

Don’t wait another lifetime for another opportunity like this, an opportunity to learn how to pivot your business, transform your career, and exploit this rare “loophole” created by this pandemic.

So get to Dallas and invest 3-days to make the next 5 years your best ever. I know FOR SURE that millionaires & billionaires are going to come out of this event and I would not want you to miss out on what God has in store for you.

Come attend live or online. I can’t wait to get to know you and work with you personally.

Enroll now and get ready to accelerate your speed and success.

The world is waiting for you and your message.

And I’ll be waiting for YOU in June in Dallas, Texas.

Go Change the World,

Ed Rush

P.S. Right now, Dallas-city regulations are limiting us to 100 attendees. I already have 32 46 57 attendees registered and confirmed, so don’t delay. We could be on a waiting list basis very soon and I don’t want you to miss out.

P.P.S. If you close this page without taking action, you never will. Ever. Don’t fool yourself by thinking you’ll come back here later after you check the dates and get with your spouse or whatever. You’ve done that before and let opportunities pass you by. Don’t let that happen to you. Take decisive action. The world needs you and there is no time to delay.

P.P.P..S. I am doing this event once and I have NO plans to make a recording available after the event.

That means NOW is the time to take action and get your seat reserved. No excuses. This is YOUR time and I’m going to show you how to make the most of it.

P.P.P.P.S. Your registration is covered. That means if you enroll now and find out anytime between now and the event that you can’t come, you’ll get a refund. I want you to be able to invest in this event with nothing holding you back and that (along with the guarantee) should check that box. So enroll now and let’s make this happen.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, in fact, you get...

The "Biggest Smile on Your Face" Guarantee

Register now. And if after the first day, you are not completely BLOWN-AWAY and on the path to massive reinvention, just let me or my team know, turn in your materials and we will give you a 100% refund, plus $500 to cover any travel expenses (if you come to the live event)...and we can still be friends.

Listen - I know this is going to be the event you're still talking about 10 years from now. You just need to see it to believe it.


I Want To Attend LIVE in Dallas June 25-27!

I Want to Attend ONLINE

You get...

ONE Ticket to The BIG Pivot Event (3-Days of packed content to dial in your speaking business, build your brand, and authority)

Your Own Personal BIG Pivot Notes Manual

BIG Pivot Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush LIVE

Meet and Get to Know Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

NOTE: LIVE Event attendees get a BONUS half-day of training & coaching on the afternoon of Day #3 of the event

Recordings of the entire event in a membership site for easy access.

Your Options

One Payment of $997
Three Payments of $357

You get...

ONE Ticket to The BIG Pivot Event (3-Days of packed content to dial in your speaking business, build your brand, and authority)

Your Own Personal BIG Pivot Notes Manual

BIG Pivot Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush via chat

Meet and Get to Know (virtually) Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

NOTE: The streaming event will end Mid-day on the Third Day

Recordings of the entire event in a membership site for easy access.

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BIG Pivot Exercises, Tools, and Planning Forms

A Chance to Receive 1-on-1 Coaching and Feedback from Ed Rush via chat

Meet and Get to Know (virtually) Some of the Smartest Entrepreneurs on the Planet

NOTE: The streaming event will end Mid-day on the Third Day

Recordings of the entire event in a membership site for easy access.

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One Payment of $997
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